How to Pitch Your Book

June 9, 2010

You have written your book. What next? Dr. Hensley gives valuable advice on how to present yourself and your book in his article, “Pitching Your Book Proposal“. ¬†Feel free to leave questions and comments.


A Visit with Gov. Huckabee and Jerry B. Jenkins

April 21, 2010

On April 14 Dr. Dennis Hensley met in Colorado Springs with Gov. Mike Huckabee of Fox TV and with Jerry B. Jenkins, author of the blockbuster Left Behind series of novels. Pictured in this photo (l to r) are Mrs. Dianna Jenkins, Jerry B. Jenkins, Gov. Mike Huckabee, Dr. Hensley, Mrs. Rose Hensley, and Kevin McCullough of BMX radio network.


Welcome, fellow wordsmiths!

April 7, 2010

This site is an open forum for all writers, would-be writers, and students of writing. If you have questions about writing, let us know and we’ll try to provide answers. If you are curious about our professional writing major at Taylor, use the leads from this site to find out more about our students, our campus, and our graduates. If you have specific questions, post them and we’ll provide answers that everyone can share.

We welcome interaction from you. Visit us here. Let us get to know you and add you to our community of writers.

Write on!

Dr. Dennis E. Hensley
Professional Writing Program Director
Taylor University